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YES! stands for Youth Employment Success and is an online “matchmaking” service linking Job Seekers and the Career Curious, with Business and Industry.

We are continually seeking businesses across our entire Darling Downs and South West region that are able to offer some “experiences with work”, such as:

        • CV Review
        • Industry Entry Discussion
        • Mentoring
        • Mock Interview
        • Apprenticeship
        • A Business Walkthough
        • Coffee Chat
        • Desk Shadowing
        • Internship
        • Skills Review
        • Booth at Career Day
        • Open Day/Open Session
        • School Assembly Presentation
        • Training Course Presentation

If your business is keen to hear more (no obligation) please contact us here and we will be in touch to explain more.

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Three Technicians Surrounded By Solar Panels On Solar Farm in Australia. Mutiracial Mix Of One Caucasian And Two Aboriginal Australians


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We are seeking Expressions of Interest from Businesses across our entire Darling Downs and South West region.

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