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What job seekers want in 2023 and what you need to offer to attract more

If you’ve been struggling to attract job seekers and fill jobs, then we’re here to help make it easier. There are job seekers out there looking for jobs like yours, you may just need to use new ways to make your jobs more attractive to their changing needs and desires .

With the jobs market currently favouring job seekers over employers, it’s imperative that employers know how they can improve their job offerings to become more in-demand and struggle less with recruitment.

Workplaces have changed since Covid-19 hit and so have employees expectations.

We’ve done the research into what job seekers really want out of work, what they value most right now and the latest trends to help make it easier for you to find great employees in 2023.

Step 1: Who is your ideal employee in 2023?

Whether the position you’re looking to fill is brand new or has been around for 20 years, start by reassessing what you want your future workforce to look like so you can attract and hire the right people from the start.

Think about who is your ideal employee for each role. Who are they? What do they value? What are their key attributes that will benefit the role? Where are they in their career path and what do they want to achieve?

Step 2: Consider what is essential vs preferred

Where there is an excess of job seekers looking for your particular jobs you have the luxury of being very specific with the qualifications and experience you require of a new employee. When job seekers aren’t rushing to fill your jobs, it’s time to rethink your educational and industry experience requirements.

Consider ways that you can provide on-the-job training instead of requiring someone to already have the skills. Yes it will take a little longer for a new employee to work at full capacity but you’ll have the benefit of training them in the way you want the work done, plus you open up the job to more candidates.

Step 3: Identify what your ideal employee wants

Now that you’ve identified who you’re looking for, you need to find out what they are looking for in a job and what you can provide them with in order to attract them. Yes we know you will have most likely done this in the past, but what job seekers want in a job has changed a lot in the past three years.

Here are the top attributes that job seekers consider most important when deciding whether or not to take a new job, or even to apply for the job. It’s important you identify and outline these as part of your recruitment strategies.

         Income and benefits are key

Income and benefits still remain at the top of the list when it comes to attracting top candidates but it’s not the only major deciding factor for job seekers anymore.   

With the increased cost of living in Australia on top of the rise in the availability of jobs, it’s not surprising that job seekers are looking for an increase in income and/or benefits.

Companies looking for a competitive edge should re-evaluate the income and benefits they’re offering and if they align with what their ideal employees are wanting. It’s important that you also consider who you are competing with for employees, including companies throughout Australia who are now offering remote and hybrid positions.

If you don’t have human resources expertise to fall back on, Payscale is a great place to start researching salary data throughout Australia.

         Flexible working options

More and more job candidates now are wanting a hybrid or remote work environment. Adding flexibility to certain roles through remote or hybrid work can also open up the candidate market for employers, allowing them to attract employees not restricted to one location, plus those that now prefer to work from home that are based locally.

For those job seekers located in regional areas like Toowoomba, working remotely opens up a range of additional jobs they can apply for that were never available to them before without having to move towns. This in turn adds more competition for local employers.

Obviously there are a whole lot of jobs that can’t change to remote or hybrid work, so for these it’s worth considering what flexibility you can offer in the workplace such as flexible hours and even location flexibility.

With the increase in employers offering flexibility and job seekers wanting more flexibility in their jobs, regional employers need to adapt and consider what changes could benefit their workforces and business most.

         Job security

With all of the uncertainty in the workforce and world today, employees are looking for jobs that provide greater stability and security than they currently have.

They’re looking to work for companies with a great work environment and culture, low staff turnover rate, and a desirable place to turn up to every day.

         Career development

The best job candidates often seek out organisations that can provide them with opportunities for upskilling and reskilling. If they can see there is room to grow and future career progression you’re more likely to attract and retain top candidates.

Take a look at what career development opportunities you offer and what additional on-the-job learning and development you may be able to provide to help keep skills within your business.

To come out on top of the talent search and make it easier to fill your positions, it’s going to make difference if you look at your recruiting differently than you did a few years ago and consider what your ideal employees want in a job and what’s best for the long-term success of your business.