Aerial view of Toowoomba City Hall surrounded with buildings and trees

Which career suits you best?

It is really hard to chose a career these days. One that perfectly suits you. We all have our own unique interests, skills and talents, and what may be right for someone else may be really wrong for you.

And you can change your mind. Nothing needs to be set in stone. There are many people who set off on one path, only to pivot and set off in a different direction as opportunities come their way.

In fact, Employ Toowoomba has documented a number of Real Life Career Stories of Toowoomba locals, showing their interesting career paths. Check them out HERE.

There are also lots of careers to chose from – creative, social, technical, administrative, outdoorsy, practical, theoretical… And there are a lot of really interesting industries to chose from – here in Toowoomba our key growth industries include Health Care and Social Assistance, Construction, Education and Training, Manufacturing, Agriculture – just to name a few. If you are looking to build your future in Toowoomba, it may be worth considering these growth industries as we know there will be high demand in these industries.

Some careers need formal education, some need on the job experience and many need a combination of both. But for all careers you need to start somewhere.

If you are having trouble knowing where to start then there are online tools that can help you. The Australian Government has one HERE.