TSBE were excited to launch the new magazine ‘LIVE Toowoomba’ at the lovely Ellerslie House last week.

This magazine showcases the city’s stunning scenery, diverse economy and some of the cool jobs which will help attract skilled workers to our region.

It also reveals the top reasons why people outside the region should be living, working, playing and studying in the Garden City.

‘LIVE Toowoomba’, a magazine produced by TSBE, focuses on the four pillars of lifestyle, work, recreation and education. The magazine was produced as part of a bigger campaign to build on the resurgence currently experienced by regional Australia.

Toowoomba offers many advantages including housing affordability, employment opportunities, quality education and health services, open spaces, sport and culture.

It is one of the most liveable regions in Australia, supported by one of the nation’s most diverse economies.

With the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport fully operational, the Toowoomba Bypass complete and the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project beginning early works, the region is emerging as the transport and logistics hub of choice for producers, growers and exporters.

Toowoomba is a wonderful place to live and the team at TSBE are committed to fostering the sustainable growth and development of our region.  Check out the website here: Live Toowoomba