Meet Micaelia, a 24-year-old member of the Larrakia mob now residing in Warwick, Queensland. Micaelia sought face-to-face support at our Warwick office after encountering challenges with online services.

Despite being employed full-time at McDonald’s since the age of 16, Micaelia grappled with anxiety and low self-esteem, eventually reaching a point where these issues became overwhelming, impacting her ability to sustain employment.

Previously financially independent and renting her own apartment since completing high school, Micaelia found herself relying on Centrelink assistance, further affecting her mental well-being. Struggling to attend only 50% of her work shifts, she would muster the courage to get ready for work, even driving to the location, but her anxiety prevented her from entering on most days. Consequently, she spent days in bed due to depression.

Desiring a change from her McDonald’s job, Micaelia felt paralysed at the thought of exploring new opportunities. The idea of applying for jobs, let alone facing interviews, terrified her. With the assistance of VOICE Psychology and her Employment Coach at Sarina Russo, Micaelia embarked on an active job search. Encouraged by her coach, she applied for a position at a local optometrist. Despite her initial fears, Micaelia overcame her anxiety, excelled in her interview, and was offered the position on the spot.

Now, Micaelia has regained financial stability and no longer relies on Centrelink assistance. Her journey, from a once terrified young woman grappling with anxiety to a successful professional, exemplifies the transformative impact of support and encouragement.