Employers and job seekers in the Toowoomba region will benefit from today’s launch of the new Employ Toowoomba website (employtoowoomba.org.au) that is designed to address Toowoomba’s skills shortages and employment challenges.

The new Employ Toowoomba website is designed to assist employers to fill their job vacancies and become employers of choice, while also helping job seekers to find their ideal job and achieve their career goals.

Toowoomba Regional Jobs Committee Chairperson, Jennifer Rix said, “To build a stronger workforce and ensure economic growth in the Toowoomba region, we need to address local workforce and skills issues, and identify new opportunities that will drive employment growth in the region.

“The Toowoomba region is booming with strong and diversified growth, so the opportunities to build a career and a workforce are great.

“The problem is that a large number of Toowoomba’s 16,000 businesses are suffering from being unable to attract skilled job applicants. At the same time, local job seekers are reporting a lack of ideal jobs with desirable working conditions available to them,” Ms Rix said.

“On top of these challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic and housing crisis have impacted the Toowoomba jobs landscape substantially.”

The Employ Toowoomba website provides employers with connections to employment and training providers, locally relevant resources and a free local jobs board, so they can fill their job vacancies, become employers of choice and build a stronger workforce for the future. It is a one stop local shop for both employers and job seekers which differentiates it from similar applications like Seek or Facebook.

For job seekers, they’ll find everything they need to know in one place, with a local jobs board, locally relevant resources and programs, plus connections to recruitment and training support services in Toowoomba. 

A great feature of the website is the Toowoomba region jobs board which is designed to help local employers find great candidates without the added cost, plus make it easier for job seekers to find a job. It provides the perfect opportunity for employers to easily post a job on the website and have it promoted also on the new Employ Toowoomba Facebook page (Facebook.com/EmployToowoomba)