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The purpose of this Roof Plumbing Apprenticeship in Toowoomba is to provide the successful applicant with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through completing on the job working experience and training with an employer whilst completing a nationally recognised course of training through a registered training organisation.

Roof Plumbers are responsible for installing and maintaining the roofs on buildings. They may be involved in all aspects of this process, from removing old roofing materials to installing new shingles or other materials.

As a Roof Plumbing apprentice you will develop a strong understanding of building construction and design so that you can properly install and seal the roofing material into place.

Day-to-day tasks may include:
– inspecting roofs for damage or defects such as leaks or insect infestation
– installing roofing materials such as shingles, metal sheets, tiles, or shiplap boards
– installing gutters and downspouts to keep rainwater from leaking into the roof structure
– repairing roof damage caused by storms or other natural disasters
– installing skylights, chimneys, vents, fans, and other components of ventilation systems in roofs
– maintaining and repairing existing roofs to ensure they are structurally sound

To apply for this job please visit apply.goldenwest.org.au.