Innovative businesses are finding new ways to adapt to the current employment landscape by designing jobs that fit the available workforce. One successful example, shared by Tamara Robinson of Sarina Russo, involves Mulgowie Farming Company, a major vegetable grower in the Lockyer Valley. They needed packers but were struggling to find workers due to their rural location, shift times, and the current low unemployment rate.

John Power (CEO – Mulgowie Farming Company) said “our collaboration with Best Harvest to introduce more family friendly alternative rosters, including later start and finishing times, allowing workers with school-aged children to be employed more easily, worked really well. These changes are a perfect example of how with thought and innovation we can redesign roles to meet the demand for employemtn, resulting in a win-win outcome for workers and businesses.

Other ways that employers can redesign their job vacancies include:

  • Reducing mandatory qualifications or experience,
  • Implementing “Employee Development Plans” to upskill once employed,
  • Providing transport or driving lessons to employees without personal transport or driver’s licences, and
  • Sharing employees with other businesses where full-time roles are not required.

Mulgowie Farming Company’s adaptive outcome is commended by Employ Toowoomba, and employers who need help finding candidates and are willing to look at redesigning the roles, can reach out to Tamara Robinson at for assistance or other local recruitment agencies and find useful tips and resources. Also, don’t forget to check out our site’s Toowoomba specific Employer Resources.