Building a Stronger Workforce for the Toowoomba Region

Empowering employers to fill their jobs and improve their workforce, and job seekers to plan and achieve their career goals, so we can grow the Toowoomba region together.

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Employ Toowoomba helps you to…

✓  Discover what’s available with locally relevant resources and programs

✓  Connect with local training and recruitment support services

✓  Find your new employee or dream job

Are you an employer struggling to:

  • Fill your job vacancies?
  • Find people with the right skills?
  • Become an employer everyone wants to work for?
  • Understand what programs and subsidies you might be eligible for?
  • Work out who can provide you with the support you need?
  • Plan for your future workforce needs?

Are you a job seeker struggling to:

  • Decide what career path to take?
  • Find your dream job?
  • Find training to get you the skills you need?
  • Understand what programs and financial help you might be eligible for?
  • Work out who can provide you with the support you need?


“Employ Toowoomba shows us that there is a wealth of assistance locally to help us make better decisions around employing, training and developing our employees. It is a competitive market and we want to be on the front foot otherwise we’ll be left behind.” 

The Toowoomba region is booming with strong and diversified growth, so the opportunities to build a career and a workforce are great.

Skilled workers are in high demand which is fantastic for job seekers. This high demand also makes it more competitive for employers which is why it’s so important for them to improve their recruitment and workforce practices. 

We provide employers with the right connections and locally relevant resources so that they can fill job vacancies, become an in-demand employer and build a stronger workforce for the future.

For individuals looking for employment in Toowoomba, they’ll find everything they need to know in one place, with locally relevant resources, programs and recruitment services in Toowoomba. 

Toowoomba businesses

16,000 businesses

Toowoomba education

60+ educational facilities

Toowoomba Population

160,000 population

Jobs in Toowoomba

70,900 people employed

“Toowoomba and surrounding areas are gearing up for further growth which translates into opportunities for individuals” 

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